Thursday, September 6, 2012

Emancipated Artist Interview

My recent interview with The Emancipated Artist!

Name: Shandel Gauthier

Job Title/Description: Fine art photographer

Personal website/online gallery:

What’s your camera of choice?
I’ve used a variety of cameras, mainly Nikon and Canon. I learned on the most basic of 35 mm cameras in college with the instructor’s intention being we truly learn how to use a camera. With that in mind I recently bought a Canon T2i, which has a lot of manual controls and is a more basic camera than many that are out there. I like the simplicity of it as well as the high image quality.

Finish this sentence:Taking pictures makes me feel happy…simple as that.

What subjects do you love capturing the most?I love photographing architecture, nature and people. It’s more about capturing a certain view or moment that I find intriguing. 
Who are some of your photography icons? 
I greatly admire the early photographers; their job was much more complicated than ours. Alfred Stieglitz comes to mind. I have great respect for photography that documents the not so pretty side of life such as Diane Arbus and Dorothea Lange. 

Where do you find your inspiration to keep your photography fresh and creative? Everywhere. I tend to look at objects, even the most commonplace, and view them in a different way. Sometimes the most basic form can produce the most interesting photograph.

Do you enjoy other creative endeavors besides photography? 
I write, paint, draw and love interior design. My degree is in 3 dimensional design (industrial design) and sculpture so I have a broad interest and appreciation for visual arts.

What’s the key to doing what you love AND making a living? 
Well I’m just starting out but feel that doing what you love is crucial to making a living. Having passion for an occupation makes your work less about a job and more about what you can contribute to the world in your small way.

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